Staff Union’s Role in UNOV/UNODC

Representing UNOV/UNODC administered colleagues is our Union’s core responsibility.

We work together with the local administration on issues affecting staff welfare and local conditions of service. The communication channels include our participation in various Joint Bodies as well direct interaction with (senior) managers.

Our Union also offers guidance and (legal) support to UNOV/UNODC colleagues on individual grievances, regardless of their contract type.

Joint Bodies

Joint bodies bring together management and staff representatives to provide recommendations on various local topics. The Staff Council appoints members to these bodies, to serve on their behalf.

Examples of joint bodies are the Joint Advisory Committee, the Central Review Boards and the Rebuttal Panel, as well as various Committees on Common Services.

Despite our efforts, staff remain unrepresented in the Committee on Common Services, Infrastructure Committee, and Executive Committee of UNOV/UNODC. The Staff Council, however, will keep pushing as we believe our participation is both meaningful and necessary, to ensure proper dialogue on issues that affect staff directly.

Furthermore, despite clear recommendations by the Office of Human Resources, there is still no local Occupational Safety and Health Committee available, and we strongly recommend establishing one, in line with ST/SGB/2018/5.

We believe that staff representation in these governing bodies is absolutely essential in order to ensure the voices of staff are heard, our concerns considered, and sensible solutions found.