Salaries and Allowances for Staff Members in the Locally Recruited Categories in the UN Common System

The salaries and allowances for staff members in the locally recruited categories in the United Nations common system are determined on the basis of the Flemming principle, which dictates that our salaries and allowances must be among the best in the local labor market, without being the absolute best.

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In order to implement the Flemming principle, the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) established a methodology for conducting salary surveys of the local labor market in the different survey duty stations. The responsibility for conducting these salary surveys is split between the ICSC for all Headquarters duty stations, and the United Nations Secretariat for all other duty stations.

The salary scales are promulgated by the United Nations Secretariat in accordance with the ICSC’s methodology and are applicable to all United Nations common system organizations.

The Office of Human Resources has launched a new website for local salary scales and related information. It includes all the currently applicable salary scales, a searchable map of the world, a list of the latest salary scale announcements, the survey schedule with the status of pending surveys, a list of current special measures, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The ICSC clarifications and explanations can help you to better comprehend the compensation system. The linked document provides concise information about both salaries of locally recruited staff and salaries of staff in the Professional and higher categories.