Representation on Joint Bodies

General Service Classification Appeals and Review Committee

The Committee reviews appeals of classification decisions in respect of posts in the General Service and related categories on the ground that the classification standards were incorrectly applied , resulting in the classification of the post at the wrong level.

The full terms of reference of the Committee are set out in section 7 of administrative instruction ST/AI/1998/9 and Corr.1. Appeals of classification decisions in respect of posts in the Professional category and at the D-1 and D-2 levels or reclassification of a General Service post to the Professional category are reviewed by the Classification Appeals Committee in New York. 

Staff representatives on this Committee:

Beate Hammond - chairperson (jointly nominated by staff and administration)

Ibrahim Nuseibeh - member

Gemma Norman - member

Staff Welfare Board

The Staff Welfare Board for UNOV/UNODC is a joint staff-management body of the United Nations units at Vienna established for the purpose of administering monies transferred to the Staff Welfare Fund. This Fund has been established mainly from proceeds of the special mark-up on goods sold in the Commissary with the purpose of providing financial support for activities of potential benefit to the staff as a whole, as well as to individual staff members.

The Staff Welfare Fund provides the monies applied to finance staff loans through two subsidiary funds: the Staff Benevolent Fund and the Staff Assistance Fund. The Staff Benevolent Fund is used to provide staff with interest-free loans or grants in case of urgent financial need or distress and is directly administered by the Staff Welfare Board. The Staff Assistance Fund provides staff with interest-bearing loans and is directly administered by the Staff Assistance Committee.

The Staff Welfare Board does not hold regular meetings, but meets as the need arises.

Staff representatives on the Staff Welfare Board:

Fakhrulla Azamov - chairperson (jointly nominated by staff and administration)

Ferdinand Grimm - member

Valter Podgornik - member

Tania Navarro - member

Ibrahim Nuseibeh - member

UNOV/UNODC Rebuttal Panel

If staff disagree with a "partially meets performance expectations" or "does not meet performance expectations" rating given at the end of the performance cycle, staff may (within 14 days of signing the completed e-Performance document (ePass) submit a written rebuttal statement to the Director, Division for Management with a copy to the Rebuttal Focal Point in HRMS, thereby using the form contained as Annex 1 under Guidelines for e-Performance Rebuttal Panels. The procedure is outlined here

Staff representatives on the Rebuttal Panel:

Giovanna Campello

Aimee Comrie

Lorant Czaran

Aygul Duysenhanova