Child Care Committee

The Staff Union and Associations and the management of the UN organisations based in Vienna greed with the Municipality in Vienna in 1986 to establish and staff a child care facility within the UN premises.

The Vienna International Centre (VIC) Child Care Centre caters for children between the ages of 3 months and 6 years. There are 148 places available and they are distributed among the four Agencies of the VIC. Places are allocated according to a set of eligibility and priority criteria (income, contractual status, length of service, marital status, etc.), although hardship cases are reviewed on an individual basis. 

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The Centre is managed by the Municipality of Vienna on the same lines as other municipal Kindergartens, including fees, teaching and administrative arrangements. The language of the Child Care Centre is German, although some of the staff of the centre are able to communicate in English with the parents. The Centre follows the pedagogical approach that is used by the "Kindergarten" of the Municipality and follows many of the Montessori methods that embraces the maxim: "help me do it myself!". The focus is on learning the skills that will ease a child towards greater independence.

The Child Care Centre is open from 07:30 - 18:00. It is closed on all Austrian and UN holidays.

There is a Joint Advisory Committee on the Child Care Centre (JAC-CCC) which serves as a forum for discussion on all matters concerning the operation of the VIC Child Care Centre and its Chairperson (IAEA) liaises, on behalf of the JAC-CCC, with the Municipality of Vienna and the management of the Child Care Centre on all matters of common concern pertaining to the VIC Child Care Centre.

The JAC-CCC is composed of 9 members and 8 alternates from each of the four participating organisations (UNOV/UNODC, UNIDO, CTBTO & IAEA). Each organisation designates one member of the JAC-CCC to be responsible for place allocation and the maintenance of registration and waiting lists for his/her respective organisation.

The UNOV/UNODC Staff Union representatives on the JAC-CCC are:

Nina Grellier - member

Fadia Nahhas - alternate

VIC Child Care Centre - Information note and new application form

Click here to access a guide for parents who wish to apply for a childcare place in the creche (up to the age of 3 years) or kindergarten group (from 3 to 6 years) at the VIC Child Care Centre.

Please use the new APPLICATION FORM to submit your request for the kindergarten year starting September 2024.

Further queries can be directly addressed to the Advisory Committee via email: