Assistance with tenancy issues

Thanks to the agreement with the Austrian Tenants’ Union (“Mietervereinigung”), signed in 2017, the dues-paying members of the Staff Union continue to have free access to the following services:

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  • personal counselling on tenancy issues, either on the phone or personally in the offices of the Tenants' Union
  • assistance with drafting correspondence to the house/apartment owner or house management
  • verification of rental contracts (scanned copy with any questions can be submitted through the office of the Staff Council to the Tenants' Union and a reply is normally provided within one to two days)
  • staff members who require additional assistance which goes beyond services listed above are exempt from paying the registration fee and immediate service fee and only have to pay the regular membership fee.

The service remains very popular and highly appreciated by staff, particularly by those who might not be familiar with the Austrian laws and the German language. Positive feedback has been received from many staff members who took advantage of the service.

For questions and assistance contact the Staff Union Secretariat in Room E-1112 or call extension 3588.