Arbitration Pool

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The dispute resolution procedure is limited to violations of the statutes, rules and regulations of the Staff Union by organs or individual members of the Union.

Disputes shall be resolved through arbitration, by an Arbitration Panel consisting of three arbitrators.

All complaints must be addressed in writing to the Presiding Officer of the Staff Council.

All three arbitrators must be selected from the Arbitration Pool. An arbitration is initiated by the person or organ making the claim (claimant) by selecting an arbitrator from the Arbitration Pool and submitting a demand for arbitration. The demand for arbitration must list the selected arbitrator, set forth the essential facts of the claim and identify the person or organ against whom the claim is directed (respondent). The respondent shall select a second arbitrator from the Arbitration Pool and submit a response setting forth the name of the second arbitrator and the essential facts of the response. The first and second arbitrator shall meet and independently select the third arbitrator from the Arbitration Pool.

All selected arbitrators shall confirm that they have no conflict of interest in evaluating the claim. In case of a stated conflict of interest, the nominating party (claimant or respondent) shall select another arbitrator.

The following nominees are appointed as members of the UNOV/UNODC Staff Union Arbitration Pool for a five-year term starting 11 October 2022 and concluding on 10 October 2027:

Ms. Willetta Tonette EDELSBRUNNER
Ms. Merfat EL-MANSI
Ms. Tatiana JEHL
Mr. Martin REGGI