Delegation of Authority

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Ever since the promulgation of the ST/SGB/2019/2 on Delegation of Authority (DoA), staff unions have been calling for more accountability and transparency in the DoA framework.

At SMC X, staff voiced concerns over how delegated authority was being exercised, including on contract renewals. Staff requested strengthened monitoring and reporting of potential abuses of delegated authorities and further discussion in the respective DoA Working Group of the SMC.

While DoA has not changed the rules, some decisions are seen by Staff as being arbitrary or discriminatory, while DoA should be used as a tool to ensure accountability.

Staff representatives have requested data on compliance issues in order to identify potential problems with the implementation of the framework. Staff have questioned if the DoA mechanism and tools allow Management to identify and intervene in inappropriate decisions. Staff were concerned that there was inadequate visibility of the potential abuses of DoA and stressed that determining the rules governing ethical behaviour could not be delegated. Staff also recognized that DoA could be a good tool to flatten hierarchy and to execute the Secretary-General’s reform strategy but expressed concern about potential lack of experience or training for senior managers in exercising delegations.

Management acknowledged referral of specific instances of alleged problematic exercises of delegated decision-making and reiterated their willingness to continue engagement on this matter.

Your Union will continue to monitor the application of the DoA and accountability framework through their participation in the SMC Working Group on DoA.