How the Staff Union is organised

The Staff Union is the formal staff representative body, established under Staff Regulation 8.1. All occupants of posts assigned to perform functions for or being located at Vienna and/or administered by the UNOV/UNODC on any type of appointment are members of the Staff Union.

The purpose of the Staff Union is:
(a) To represent, promote and safeguard the rights, interests and welfare of all members of the staff of UNOV/UNODC, including conditions of work and general conditions of life;
(b) To contribute to the promotion of the objectives of the Charter of the United Nations;
(c) To maintain relations and cooperation with staff organizations and similar bodies of other intergovernmental organizations and the specialized agencies;
(d) To be a member and active participant of any umbrella organization of staff associations established by the staff of the United Nations system.

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The Union is represented through the Staff Council, currently in its 1st session, where each electoral unit has one or more representatives and alternates, who provide support and guidance and represent the interests of their constituents.

Decisions by the Staff Council are implemented by its executive organ, the Staff Committee, chaired by the President, who represents the Staff Union and all staff under its purview, regardless of their Union status (including those who are not dues-paying members).