Sub-Committees of the Staff Council

The Sub-Committees operate under the delegated authority of the Staff Council. Currently there are two Sub-Committees.

Gift Shop Standing Committee

The Staff Council has been managing the operation of the Gift Shop at Gate 1 for many years.

The Gift Shop Standing Committee (GSSC) is the governance body for the Gift Shop.

The GSSC establishes rules, procedures, and guidelines for the operation; reviews, approves and monitors the implementation of the annual procurement and sales plan; establishes a long-term strategy; and provides recommendations on the distribution of profits, for the Gift Shop.

The Shop offers a wide range of products, and the dues-paying members of the Staff Union have a ten per cent discount on any item.

The profit from the sales is split. The biggest portion is used to support the activities of the Staff Union, whereas smaller portions are allocated for charity donations (10 per cent) as well as adding funds to the Support Fund of the Staff Council.

Members of the Gift Shop Standing Committee:

Staff Council's Treasurer (Chairperson)

Valter Podgornik (Staff Committee member)

Ibrahim Nuseibeh (Staff Council member)

Support Fund for the Representation of UN Colleagues

Support Fund for the Representation of UN Colleagues allows extending our (mostly legal) support to all UNOV/UNODC colleagues, regardless of their contract type.

The Fund may be used for:

  • organising and subsidising events, sessions, learning opportunities specifically targeted to protecting the legal rights of non-staff;
  • accessing and paying for legal support for representing non-staff (on a case-by-case basis);
  • providing services that may be used by non-staff;
  • campaigns and other activities that promote the issuance of proper staff contracts over precarious non-staff working arrangements.

All project / activity / funding proposals to be paid from the Support Fund need to be submitted in writing and addressed to any member of the Staff Committee or to the Administrative Assistant of the Staff Union.

All all proposals are discussed by the Staff Committee who ultimately approves or declines the request. Furthermore the Staff Committee approves a ceiling up to which it will cover the costs.