Staff representatives met with the Secretary-General

Published on Thursday, 10 October 2013

As you may have seen on iSeek, staff representatives met last week with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to discuss the crisis in staff-management relations. This took place in the context of our global campaign to restore the right of your union to negotiate on safety, security, welfare and conditions of service - a right that was removed in July.

At the meeting, we reminded the Secretary-General of the importance of staff-management negotiations in order to ensure a higher quality of human resources policy in the Organization. He proposed creating a working group to find a way out of the current crisis. In order to ensure the usefulness of such a working group we asked the Secretary-General to clarify whether it will be able to draw up rules that would allow us to regain our right to negotiate with management. We are awaiting his reply.

In any case, until the right of your union to negotiate with management on human resources policy is restored, a basic human right to which we as UN staff are entitled, we will be maintaining our campaign, which now has a growing and active support of unions and organizations in the US, the UK and at the international level.

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