Removing the G to P Barrier and General Service Career Prospects

For a very long time now UN staff unions have been campaigning for our colleagues in the GS and related categories to be able to freely apply for the positions in Professional and higher categories for which they meet the requirements without having to go through the G-to-P exam. 

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Unfortunately, the General Assembly has continually delayed the proper consideration of the proposal to remove the G-to-P barrier.

At the ad hoc SMC meeting in December 2022, staff representatives raised this important matter again, asking for better career prospects for GS staff and the abolishment of the G-to-P barrier. It was agreed to reactivate the SMC Working Group on GS Career Prospects.

The Working Group presented its report to the SMC in June 2023, outlining the agreement on a proposal to end the G-to-P barrier. The report was included in the Secretary-General's "Proposal on the movement of Secretariat staff from the General Service category to the Professional category" and discussed by the General Assembly during its resumed part of the 78th session. Unfortunately, no final decision was taken, and the topic is now scheduled for consideration during the next session of the General Assembly.

It is hoped that this time the chances of success are greater because the Working Group's proposal was specifically designed to address the Member States’ concerns about the impact on geographic diversity.

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