Update on the Pension Fund

Published on Thursday, 29 May 2014

Last April the staff unions of the United Nations sent a letter to the Secretary-General, regarding worrying developments at the Pension Fund i.e. the proposed changes in its recruitment and procurement rules.

Judging the response unsatisfactory, staff unions started a campaign, which included a petition ( http://bit.ly/1nRdkVe), letters, broadcasts and pressure on Management. The campaign had a strong effect and led to a meeting last week in New York between the representatives of the three Staff Federations (CCISUA, FICSA and UNISERV) and the CEO of the Pension Fund, Mr. Arvizu.

The management of the Pension Fund clarified some very important issues including that the Pension Fund administration will not seek to turn it into a separate agency but will keep it as part of the UN Secretariat, thus preserving essential safeguards. In other words it will not seek to change the contracts of Secretariat staff currently working there, i.e., Pension Fund staff members holding Secretariat contracts will continue to hold Secretariat contracts.

In addition, the following was made clear:

  • The Pension Fund staff members in New York are represented by the United Nations Staff Union and the Pension Fund staff members in Geneva are represented by the Geneva Staff Coordinating Council;
  • Any proposal which may change and/or further clarify the current Memorandum of Understanding between the Fund and the Secretariat will be the object of joint consultations with the relevant staff representatives;
  • d) Any action or words by Pension Fund Administration officials that may be perceived by staff members as retaliatory or threatening to their careers will not be accepted;
  • e) The path mandated by A/RES/68/247 (below) will be followed to the letter:

13...the Board, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources Management of the Secretariat, to complete its review of the policies governing the recruitment, promotion and retention of the staff of the Fund and to report to the General Assembly, no later than at the main part of its seventieth session, on the outcome of the review and any measures proposed.


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