Last update on 10 March 2015

Loans, Financing of Properties, Insurances Matters, Savings

s Bausparkasse offers the best conditions for a loan:

Mortgage, co-operative housing (Genossenschaft), education and nursing

s Bausparkasse offers the best conditions for savings:

  • 2.25 % (+ government premium 1.5%)
  • Special bonus for Staff Union members

Erste Bank der Österreichischen Sparkassen AG

Savings, Loans, Investments

Best Conditions for all kinds of insurance

Selection of best offers

House, car, health and accident insurance(s)

Special offers for life insurances


s BAUSPAKASSE offers its personal service to staff members.

For detailed information please contact Mr. Gerhard Steininger every Tuesday from 11:00 - 16:00

UNOV Staff Services Office, room E1114, ext. 4427, cell: 050100 26770

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