Follow-up on the abolishment of the G to P exam

As a follow-up to the below broadcast, please note that the ACABQ ( A/73/497) has put forward the following comment and recommendation:

30. "The Advisory Committee notes the qualifications possessed by staff serving in the General Service and related categories and the need to improve their opportunities for career development. The Committee also emphasizes that, in developing human resources policies, all factors should be taken into account to ensure equal treatment of all candidates."

31. "With respect to the proposals of the Secretary-General contained in paragraphs 150 (a) and (b) of his report ( A/73/372/Add.1), the Advisory Committee is of the view that the  Secretary-General should develop a proposal for a pilot project, with a clearly defined scope and time frame, for the consideration of the General Assembly, in order to achieve equal opportunities for recruitment to entry-level Professional posts, including career opportunities for staff members in the General Service and related categories. Pending approval of such a pilot project, the Committee recommends that all of the existing arrangements relating to the young professionals programme, including the G to P element, approved by the Assembly be maintained at this stage."

The matter is now before the Fifth Committee who will deliberate over this recommendation among other issues within the upcoming weeks. So, as was noted earlier more work is still ahead of us in convincing the Member States that there is a need to allow every staff member to fulfill their individual potential and personal contribution to the overall success of the Organization.

We will keep you posted as we move along together in this journey!


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Abolishment of the G to P Exam

In reference to the above subject matter, the Members of the Staff-Management Committee on GS Career Prospects are making progress. Informal meetings have taken place with members of the ACABQ and the Fifth Committee ( please find the statement attached) where there was a fruitful dialogue discussing concerns from both sides.

We need the help of the Member States to move into a new paradigm where the individual and collective dedication of GS staff and their intellectual institutional knowledge, as a work force, can be elevated to the recognizable level that will reward those who have rightly achieved the honor, respect and devotion necessary that continues to be a hallmark of the essence of the Organization. Needless to say, more work is still ahead of us in convincing the Member States that there is a need to lift this barrier and allow every staff member to fulfill their individual potential and personal contribution to the overall success of the Organization.

We will not stop until the gavel hits the striking block in December!




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Unified Salary Scale: UN Dispute Tribunal's decision in favour of staff overturned by UN Appeals Tribunal

A number of cases were brought to UN Dispute Tribunal (UNDT) by staff to appeal the changes to salaries and benefits which translated into a significant reduction in salary for some staff at the professional and higher levels. On 29 December 2017, the Dispute Tribunal declared those pay cuts illegal and reiterated the principle of acquired rights of staff.

You may recall that CCISUA, together with two other staff federations, FICSA and UNISERV, addressed a letter to the Secretary General urging him not to appeal this judgment and to call on the ICSC to rethink its approach in a more modern and productivity-focused way.

The UN Appeals Tribunal (UNAT) delivered its judgment on 29 June 2018, upholding the Secretary General's appeal against the Dispute Tribunal's initial ruling in favour of staff.

The UNAT's judgment was delivered in three cases. A preliminary analysis of the decision and more information can be found here.


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