Letter from the Staff Federations on Improving Policies on Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Abuse of Authority and Discrimination

As staff in the UN common system, and regardless of our duty station, work or grade, we all have a duty and an obligation to create an environment that is welcoming to all, where everyone feels valued and where each colleague can perform at their best regardless of who they are or where they are from.

To this end the staff federations have for a number of years been calling for much-needed improvements in our organizations' policies on preventing harassment, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination. We are therefore encouraged that our organizations are now reviewing their policies and coordinating their approach through the Chief Executives Board.

You may find a hard copy of the staff federations' letter sent to all staff here.



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Staff Federations' Letter to Executive Heads on the Global Day of Action

The three staff federations (CCISUA, FICSA and UNISERV) have sent a letter to Executive Heads, expressing staff's loss of confidence in the independence and technical competency of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC).

Staff federations called for a Global day of action on Tuesday, 27 February 2018 in protest at continued deterioration in conditions of service. Staff actions included a large demonstration in Bangkok, a work stoppage in Addis, the first day of a week of action in Nairobi, a work stoppage in Geneva that stopped the Human Rights Council, along with a demonstration and the announcement of a strike ballot, staff assemblies and gatherings in Vienna, New York and many field duty stations such as Iraq, Darfur, Syria, South Sudan, Kuwait, Uganda and Pakistan.

Check CCISUA website to see updates on this global campaign.

Further days of action are being planned, allowing voices of staff to be heard from around the world. We are also in dialogue with management to seek solutions and get agreement on future reforms.




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Staff Unions met with Member States to defend your interests

Over the past weeks, representatives of UN Staff Unions have been engaging with participants of the General Assembly in New York on the pay cut, management reforms, hot-desking and other issues.

Pay cuts and Pension Fund: Statement at the General Assembly's Administrative and Budget Committee (Fifth Committee) on the pay cuts in Geneva and soon to follow elsewhere, and concerns with the management of the Pension Fund made worse by recent audits. The statement is here.

Management reforms: The position position document covering administrative offshoring, flexible workspace, performance management and gender parity.


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Meeting of CEB HR Network, 37th session, 5 - 6 July 2018

87th Session of the ICSC, UN Bonn, Germany, 9 - 20 July 2018

Meeting of UNJSPB 64th Session, 26 July - 3 August 2018

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