ICSC Approves Increased and New Allowances

The 87th Session of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) took place in Bonn, Germany from 9 - 20 July 2018. Your staff union was represented by our federation, the Coordinating Committee of International Staff Unions and Associations (CCISUA). The CCISUA delegation worked with other staff representatives to present the situation and concerns of staff and advocate for staff interests.

The key immediate gains, although subject to approval of the General Assembly, are the significant upward revision in child allowance, the introduction of an end of service grant for fixed term contracts that expire, and payment of an allowance for staff who choose not to bring their families within them to so-called family duty stations in the D and E hardship category. Reviews will also be carried out of the post adjustment system and compensation for locally-recruited staff following serious issues faced by staff around the world with pay cuts for GS and P staff.

These gains stand in contrast to recent negative trends in ICSC decisions. You may recall that in recent months and in light of cuts to pay, CCISUA and staff unions have been strongly advocating the need for the ICSC to assume a more technical nature and ensure the proper and equal participation of all stakeholders, including staff. In this context, please note the efforts made at the meeting by the outgoing Commission Chair to find consensus among all parties. The ICSC has also agreed to meet with the staff representatives to further discuss its working methods in light of our concerns. However, much remains to be done and key reviews of P and GS pay have yet to start. This issue therefore remains a priority.

Please find here further information from our representatives. Extensive follow-up will need to be carried out with members of the General Assembly to confirm these gains.



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Unified Salary Scale: UN Dispute Tribunal's decision in favour of staff overturned by UN Appeals Tribunal

A number of cases were brought to UN Dispute Tribunal (UNDT) by staff to appeal the changes to salaries and benefits which translated into a significant reduction in salary for some staff at the professional and higher levels. On 29 December 2017, the Dispute Tribunal declared those pay cuts illegal and reiterated the principle of acquired rights of staff.

You may recall that CCISUA, together with two other staff federations, FICSA and UNISERV, addressed a letter to the Secretary General urging him not to appeal this judgment and to call on the ICSC to rethink its approach in a more modern and productivity-focused way.

The UN Appeals Tribunal (UNAT) delivered its judgment on 29 June 2018, upholding the Secretary General's appeal against the Dispute Tribunal's initial ruling in favour of staff.

The UNAT's judgment was delivered in three cases. A preliminary analysis of the decision and more information can be found here.




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33rd Session of the General Assembly of the Coordinating Committee for International Staff Unions and Associations (CCISUA)

CCISUA delegates attended the federation's 33 rd General Assembly (Bangkok, 29 May - 1 June 2018), hosted this year by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). A summary of the key issues discussed can be found here.

And here your can read about several developments following the CCISUA 33rd General Assembly.


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