The Staff Union works to increase security and safety and to protect the welfare of staff working in Vienna and in the field.

Occupational health and safety policy in the UN System

Through CCISUA, our Staff Union provided substantive comments on the draft document "Occupational health and safety policy in the UN System" submitted by the UN Medical Directors Working Group to the HLCM on February, 2010

In the view of CCISUA, linking security and OSH of staff is logical way forward. OSH is inextricably linked with security. Whatever the risk - from terrorism, poor ergonomics, poor working relations, fire, commuting or tripping on the stairs - the effects on staff safety and health and well-being are the same, and solutions can be sought in a common framework. This is especially important at local level, where many improvements for compliance with UN security standards often result also in improvements in the workplace, and vice-versa - any improvements in OSH conditions as a result of workplace risk assessments will necessarily take account of security and emergency conditions.

However, concerning the draft policy paper, CCISUA stated that the approach is very medically-oriented. The paper talks about "provision of healthcare", "healthcare management", all of which implies a focus on the employee, of keeping employees healthy rather than ensuring a safe and healthy working environment which will prevent them becoming unhealthy in the first place.

HIV and AIDS in the workplace

Recognizing the importance of fighting HIV/AIDS in the UN Workplace, The Staff Union joined CCISUA in signing a partnership agreement with UN Plus, a global group of UN staff working to raise the voice of HIV positive staff. The agreement is intended to outline the collaboration between CCISUA and UN Plus towards strengthening the organizational response to the AIDS epidemic and accelerating progress towards responding to the epidemic in the workplace to the benefit and welfare of the staff members. The aim of the agreement is to facilitate collaboration and strengthen the Organisation's response to the AIDS epidemic.

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