Solution to the backlog in the Pension Fund

Published on Friday, 1 July 2016

CCISUA has written to the Secretary-General, regarding the Pension Fund backlog and the possibility of establishing regular initial payments when there is a delay in payment of benefits beyond 30 days after retirement.

Staff representatives have asked for those payments to be made before; what we heard, though, from the Pension Fund Secretariat directly and individual Board members, was that those payments were not allowed. Recently, however, we found out that "initial", "ad hoc" payments have been made in the past and the new IT system of the Fund is not an impediment for them to take place.

Another letter regarding the backlog was sent to the Secretary-General by Ian Richards, designated representative of the UN staff unions, Vice-President of SMC and President of CCISUA. Here is a response to it, which informs of an OIOS audit on the backlog.

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