Polling Officers

The Polling Officers are an independent body of the Staff Union, who in compliance with the Statues of the Staff Union Vienna, organise and monitor general and by-elections for members of the Staff Council. They also are responsible for conducting referendums, and answering requests for Internal Staff Council elections monitory, if required.

Any member of the Staff Union, with the exception of members of the Staff Council, is eligible to be nominated, including members who may have previously held the role of Polling Officer.  

New Polling Officers for the term September 2020 to September 2022:

Angelika Engl


Mohamad Mardini


Martin Dessart


Aygul Duysenhanova


Oleksandra Zinchenko 


Polling Officers can be contacted at: unvienna-staffunionpollingofficers@un.org 

Upcoming election and polling information

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