Petition against pay cuts and for greater say by staff in their pay

Published on Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Please sign this petition, which is being circulated by all staff unions in the UN common system. It calls on the International Civil Service Commission, which sets our pay, to:

  • Stop cutting staff pay
  • Make staff an equal partner in deciding how pay is set
  • Carry out its calculations fairly and transparently, and
  • Work independently of pressure from external powers.

As you will know from our communications, the International Civil Service Commission has in recent years made significant changes to how we are paid, to the detriment of some staff.

The result has been a steady reduction in the salaries and benefits of some staff, as well as an overall erosion of working conditions, which is neither in the interests of staff nor in the long-term sustainable interest of our organization, this at a time when pay in the civil services of our main donors is rising and when we are called upon to resolve increasingly complex challenges and serve in ever more difficult and dangerous locations.

Recent examples include:

  • Changes to the payment methodology for locally recruited staff, which have led to reductions in salary in other duty stations
  • The compensation review, which slows down step progression, cuts the education grant and reduces pay for working parents
  • Changes to the post adjustment system, which have led to a 7.7 percent cut in Geneva with 85 duty stations to follow.

You will find more information in the petition itself. Thank you for your support!

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