The purpose of the United Nations Inter-Agency Games shall be to enable the staff members of the agencies and organizations of the United Nations family to know each other through sports meetings and thereby to improve mutual understanding and working relations.

In 1968, at the invitation of the 'Commission des Sports de l'Association du personnel del l' UNESCO', a sports meeting was held in Paris of teams from the United Nations Geneva and UNESCO. Mr. Rene Maheu, the Director General of UNESCO, donated a cup for the occasion, thus were the Inter-Agency Games born, and the same spirit has remained, although the present name was not adopted until 1972.

However, the principle of alternating the Games began right from the start, and five events were listed on the programme, chess, football, table tennis, tennis and men's volleyball.

In 1971, the United Nations Geneva took an important step in organising the first multi-institutional competition at Champery, in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland. Ten UN organisations, with offices in Europe, took part. More information about the history of the games is available here.

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