ICSC Global Staff Survey on United Nations Common System Compensation Review

Published on Monday, 21 October 2013

The International Civil Service Commission, at the request of certain member states and organizations, is reviewing our salaries, allowances and benefits. Called the compensation review, it is supposed to ensure that our pay remains competitive. In the current political and economic climate, this may increase our pay, but it may also reduce it. This is why we are paying careful attention to every stage of this review.

The first stage of this review is a staff survey. If you have received it, we strongly recommend that you do not fill it in as certain questions seem designed to prejudice the outcome of the review and provide information that could be used against us. There are also a number of questions which are either of a confidential nature or whose answers may be open to the wrong interpretation.

The attached letter from the Federations of UN system staff unions and associations explains this in further detail.

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